There are important updates to the site concerning the support strings.

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This antenna has now seen 50 mph sustained winds and up to 75 MPH wind gusts without any damage or wear.

2 Element Quad Antenna

Welcome to a different way to construct a 2 element quad antenna for use on many  radio frequency bands. Different because of it's support system and that it's constructed of all schedule 40 pvc pipe and fittings. The first thing you may think about is that it will never work without more rigid aluminum and fiberglass construction. I thought so too until I started playing with different designs and ideas. What resulted was a sturdy yet  flexible design that held it's geometric shape extremely well and was very inexpensive to build yet light enough in fact that it can be turned by a common TV antenna rotor.


Use the following pages to see the construction of the antenna. I don't give geometric specifics because every band will have it's own dimensions. Parameters such as what part of the band you want your antenna tunned in at to take advantage of your preferred bandwith and even wire size you use will affect all the dimensions of the antenna. 

A good, yet easy to use antenna calculator for this can be found by clicking here.

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I have had several comments e-mailed to me about how PVC will not stand to UV exposure. That is only a partially correct statement.  Please read the page here about PVC properties for the whole truth. Fact is, PVC will last a very long time.

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